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Larrea-ClearTM contains an extract of leaves from the Chaparral plant (Larrea tridentata) used by Native Americans for thousands of years.  Chaparral is wild harvested and kosher.  This product contains no gluten, wheat, dairy, or soy.  Made in USA from domestic and foreign ingredients.

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3 reviews for Larrea-Clear: Natural Supplement for your health

  1. Donald G Meyer (verified owner)

    About 20 years ago I had shingles, low stomach acid, and pernicious anemia. I figured out that all three were due to the chicken pox virus. About that time Virox came on the market and claimed to cure the Herpes viruses. Chicken Pox is a herpes virus. I took the Virox, and all three conditions have been cured for 20 years. Larrea-Clear is made with the exact same active ingredients, and it will do the same thing. I am taking Larrea-Clear now and am so happy that it is back on the market.

  2. Donald G Meyer (verified owner)

    I just started taking Larrea-Clear for a sore throat, and some knee and hip pain.
    The sore throat was gone in one day, and the knee and hip pain was gone in three days.
    Neither one has come back at all.

  3. Paddy McAlister

    I was THRILLED to find this product back on the market. It nailed my inflammation and allergies. Years ago when it was sold under another name I had hundreds of clients who wouldn’t be without it.

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